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Andy and Bob went down to the Bowl-a-rama to bowl a few games.  Andy was a member of a bowling league, and brought his ball and shoes with him.  Bob rented a pair of bowling shoes, and picked a bowling ball from the rack.  Bob was delighted to find that both the shoes and ball had never been used before.

As he rolled the first ball, Bob's ankle was severely injured due to a design defect in the shoes, and Bob's thumb was severely lacerated due to a manufacturing defect in the ball.  If Bob sues Bowl-a-rama on a theory of strict products liability, Bob will likely

(a)      prevail as to the ankle injury, but not as to the thumb injury.
(b)      prevail as to the thumb injury, but not as to the ankle injury.
(c)      prevail as to both the thumb injury and the ankle injury.
(d)      prevail as to neither the thumb injury nor the ankle injury.


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