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The question-and-answer method of ProfBamberger.com is different than that of other MBE Preparatory materials. The answers to questions are explained rather than simply delivered to help students learn the law, rather than simply the test-taking skills, necessary for success on the Multistate Bar Examination. The ultimate goal of ProfBamberger.com is to make MBE review as easy as possible for the student. If you have any questions or suggestions to help us improve our site, please contact us through our contact page.

Copyright © 2007, Gerald Bamberger. All rights reserved.

The simulated Multistate Bar Examination questions appearing on ProfBamberger.com, the video explanations appearing on YouTube, and all other material on ProfBamberger.com (collectively, the "Materials") are the intellectual property of Gerald Bamberger. Substantial effort has been expended in the creation of the Materials. The rights of the copyright holder will be strictly enforced.

The Materials may be used at ProfBamberger.com or on YouTube free of charge only for so long as they are provided free of charge through ProfBamberger.com. In particular, the Materials may not be copied, downloaded, or transferred. After a period of posting for free use, the Materials will be available for purchase at our store.

Professor Bamberger has read dozens of texts, treatises, hornbooks, and outlines, has worked many thousands of simulated MBE problems from many different vendors, and has sat for five administrations of the MBE. Although we are very sensitive to the intellectual property rights of others, and every attempt is made to see to it that the Materials are completely original, it is possible that, despite our best efforts, some elements have appeared in other copyrighted works. Our intent in posting the Materials free for a limited period of time is to rectify and remedy any such issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please notify us promptly of any concerns.

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All rights reserved. Copyright © 2007.